Is Healthcare A Right And Should Government Provide It

I was really disappointed that there was not more response to this post concerning Steve Gill's proposal to "save" TennCare. I began to think that John Brown and I were the only two people left in the United States who believed that healthcare was not a right that should be provided by the government. In hopes that we are not the only cold hearted conservatives in the world, I decided to post this poll. Please respond so that I won't have to post a bunch of fake responses in order to keep myself from looking bad.

Update: More at Nashville Files, and Nashville Is Talking.
Also, Sharon Cobb has a near carbon copy of this poll that she posted a day after I posted this poll. Check the results of her poll and you will notice quite a difference. Of course she did word the question a little differently. I guess that not only shows her slant, but also mine.

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