Polish Honor the Great Liberator

Liberals often engage in revisionist history when discussing the Cold War. According to them, the Soviet Union would have ended regardless of who was President during the 80's. We all know that is nonsense though.
We aren't the only ones who know this. The Polish love Ronald Reagan so much that they are willing to erect a statue in his honor. Ronald Reagan truly was the "Great Liberator". If you disagree, read this article by Lech Walesa, which includes the following:
When talking about Ronald Reagan, I have to be personal. We in Poland took him so personally. Why? Because we owe him our liberty.

Thank God for Ronald Reagan.


romablog said...

I argue that Reagan's policy was not such a significant factor not as a liberal but as a Russian. I believe if you ask Russians and dissidents across the former USSR about the fall of communism, they'll tell you a long story about the complex sociopolitical evolution in these countries, the resistance scene, and the political choices of Gorbachev. They wouldn't tell the same heart-wrenched US-centric glory story we hear in America.

Glen Dean said...

The Russian people are proud and they should be. Apparently though, they are alone in their view when compared to other countries in Eastern Europe.

romablog said...

I don't find this true. I've had the opportunity to speak with people that took part in dissident organizations, people that signed on to charter 77 and the such, and I've found that few stress even bother discussing American foriegn policy during the era and tend to focus on 1.the building momentum of resistance movements across Eastern Europe and 2.Gorbachev's sporadic decisions to back off and not crush their activities.

Although I don't know much about the situation in Poland, I'd venture to say the sculpture has more to do with current than past politics.

Glen Dean said...

I think a lot of younger people might be less aware. But even Kohl of former West Germany, who was no fan of Reagan at the time, gives Reagan credit. Reagan certainly wasn't alone. Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and Gorbachev were all important players, but you have to give some credit to Reagan. He was not the warmonger that his opponents made him out to be. When Gorbachev was ready to talk, Reagan talked and both countries disarmed.

We can disagree about the end of the Cold War, but you have to at least admit that Reagan was a great and important figure in world history. Yes?

romablog said...

I'll admit he was important and that he did contribute to the end of the Cold War. But I'd stand by the conclusion that the Soviet Union would have fallen apart regardless of United States policy in the 80's and that Reagan's priorities should not have been expediating this but ensuring that this would happen in the least destructive and violent manner.