Abortion Is Black Genocide

Over the past few weeks I have used my blog to rant about the "unholy alliance" between black religious and political leaders and the pro-abortion, pro-ACLU (anti-Christian-liberal-union), poverty pimping Democratic Party. Of course, any discussion of these self-serving charlatans who care nothing about improving the lives of black Americans must always include the Reverend Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson. What is most "unholy" is Jackson's support of the genocide of millions of black children born in the United States every year. There was a time however, that Jackson was actually on the right side of this issue. Jackson once made the statement, "Abortion is black genocide, What happens to the mind of a person and the moral fabric of a nation that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience?" Obviously, taking that position did not work out for him very well financially or politically because as we all know he now supports the unlimited murder of millions of black children every year. CNSNews.com has an outstanding article on this subject. The statistics are startling. For every five black American women who get pregnant, three get an abortion. The poverty pimps who have anointed themselves leaders in the black community should be ashamed of themselves.

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