Now Their Even Playing The Race Card In Social Security Fight.

Democrats love to go on television and speak about Republican fear tactics while the very survival of their party is dependent on scaring people. They scare old people, they scare black people, and they scare all lower income people with class warfare. Although they have already had enormous success scaring old people in regards to the Bush Social Security reform plan, they have still found it necessary to now scare black people. Yes, they have somehow figured out a way to play the race card on this issue. I know it seems ridiculous but private accounts are a racist idea. At least that is what the Congressional Black caucus says. What will they come up with next? I am sure that reforming the tax system is also racist. Also the war on terror, it has got to be racist. Is tort reform racist? Probably so according to the liberals in Congress who call themselves the Congressional Black caucus. When is somebody in a position of authority going to stand up to these "poverty pimps", whose very existence depends on fear?

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