Flag Burning Amendment Is A Bad Idea

Any American who burns the flag is revealing themselves to be an ungrateful idiot, and I believe that person should be taken to the woodshed and given an old fashioned whipping. Regardless of how I feel about that person though, Americans have the constitutional right to act like idiots. I realize that flag burning makes some of you angry. It makes me angry too. But the right to protest and speak out against the government should never be taken away. You see, a flag burning amendment is not about flag burning as much is it is about liberty. I opposed a flag burning amendment during Bush 41's presidency. I felt that Bush demogogued the issue in order to get re-elected. The two Senators who are sponsoring this amendment are doing the same. They know that it has no chance of passing, but they need the good publicity that comes from looking patriotic. But as much as it is unpatriotic to burn a flag, it is even more unpatriotic to ban a persons right to burn a flag. We must preserve a person's right to protest, even if their protest is offensive. If we do not preserve that basic liberty, we might as well have never won our independence.

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