Roy Moore Is An Absolute Disgrace

Luna's Tunes tipped me off to this article about former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore and his possible political aspirations.
I am a Christian and a conservative who is also from Alabama and I do not like Roy Moore. I don't like the way he has used the Ten Commandments as a springboard to a political career. He was just a local judge in Etowah County, Alabama who had the Ten Commandments on his wall. He could have made a valid argument for keeping it there on the basis that the Commandments are historically a legal document. He didn't though. He went on this populist binge of religiosity and used his showmanship to get elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He didn't stop there. He had to go and pull another publicity stunt and put a monument of the Commandments in the supreme court building. Once again, rather than using the legal document argument, which has merit, he went on another rampage of religiosity. Ironically William Pryor, who was attorney general at the time, was the one who enforced the court order and removed the Ten Commandments monument. You all remember Pryor. He is one of the judges the Democrats recently filibustered because he supposedly put his personal beliefs above the law.
So thanks to his religiosity, Moore has risen from a small town judge to the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, to a best selling author. Speaking as a conservative, and also a Christian, Roy Moore is a disgrace and an embarrassment to both of those terms.

I believe the Ten Commandments should be hung on the wall of a courtroom just like any other legal document. But Roy Moore never made that argument. If he had made that argument, he may have won and retained the right to post the Commandments in his courtroom. But obviously having the Ten Commandments on the wall didn't mean as much to Moore as becoming a demagogue and writing a book, because rather than making that argument, he made a bunch of crazy statements that proved liberals worst fears about us Christians. I know a lot of you out there probably think that Moore is a great guy and a great Christian, but trust me on this folks. I am a Southern Baptist conservative from Alabama and I am telling you that Roy Moore is in it for Roy Moore. I studied these types of southern demagogues in college and I am telling you, this guy is not a conservative. He is nothing but a rabble rousing populist out to make himself famous.

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