The Offended Culture

Our present day culture has morphed into something strange and weird. Rather than showing outrage over real substantive issues, we spend unlimited amounts of energy on a person's words. Everyday we sign onto the Internet or pick up the newspaper, somebody has offended somebody else and is having to apologize.

There are some really serious issues out there facing the black community today, but the two self appointed leaders of black people, have spent the last week trying to bring down some shock jock. Almost 2/3 of every black child today is born into a single parent home, which is about a 50% higher rate than in 1960. If Al and Jesse cared at all about black people, they would be screaming at the top of their lungs for black men to take responsibility for the children they helped bring into this world.

Imagine how much good these two men could do if they directed their energy toward something that matters. But prison ministries and Promise Keeper conventions don't pay as well and they don't make you nearly as famous.

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