Pay Gap = BS

I took on the subject of the gender pay gap last week. Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune has also written about the subject.
As the report acknowledges, women with college degrees tend to go into fields like education, psychology and the humanities, which typically pay less than the sectors preferred by men, such as engineering, math and business. They are also more likely than men to work for nonprofit groups and local governments, which do not offer salaries that Alex Rodriguez would envy.

As they get older, many women elect to work less so they can spend time with their children. A decade after graduation, 39 percent of women are out of the work force or working part time -- compared with only 3 percent of men. When these mothers return to full-time jobs, they naturally earn less than they would have if they had never left.

Even before they have kids, men and women often do different things that may affect earnings. A year out of college, notes AAUW, women in full-time jobs work an average of 42 hours a week, compared to 45 for men. Men are also far more likely to work more than 50 hours a week.

That my friend is called truth. I know it doesn't fit into the liberal template of America being racist, sexist, and homophobic, but it is truth.

There was one other sentence in the article that stuck out to me. Always remember that when liberals use words like fairness, what they mean is more legislation and less liberty.
The three leading Democratic presidential candidates have all endorsed legislation to fix the problem.

Of course they have.

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