Larry Flynt and the Loving Preacher

Larry Flynt has written an incredibly interesting article with the heading "My Friend, Jerry Falwell". He discusses Dr. Falwell's lawsuit with Flynt and how the Supreme Court had correctly ruled in his favor. I am not really an expert on that case. In fact, I am not an expert on any case, being that I am not a lawyer. But I will say that regardless of how offensive Flynt's parody was, I am really proud that our Supreme Court put the Constitution ahead of personal feelings. Falwell had a lot of bad moments, but that suit was one of the worst. Sometimes it is better to let things go and to think about how awesome it is to live in a country where people are still allowed to express themselves freely.

Flynt's article paints a picture of Falwell that I have always believed to be true. I have always thought that the public persona and the man were two different people. I don't think Falwell ever hated anybody. Believing that homosexuality and pornography is sin, doesn't mean that you hate gays and pornographers. Obviously, he didn't hate Flynt. Obviously, he loved him.

I really don't understand why people think it is healthy to hate people that they "consider" to be hateful. Do you think that you are hurting the people that you are hating? No, you are only hurting yourself with that poison. You are only making yourself miserable. Last week, when Falwell died, I abstained from shaming the people who said nasty things about Dr. Falwell. If anything, I felt compassion for them. To have that much hate inside must be a miserable existence.

God bless 'em.

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