How Does a Menorah and a Christmas Tree Infringe Upon Your Civil Rights

Modern liberals are an amusing bunch. I especially found this post at Nashville Is Talking and the comments that accompanied it to be rather funny. I am not sure if the title is meant to say that the ACLU does not hate Christianity, or that the ACLU doesn't discriminate, but hates all religion. The post links to a Nashville City Paper article that discusses the ACLU's opposition to a Menorah display.

What I find so hilarious is the comment thread. Brittney says "They (ACLU) are about the only group in this country fighting for your civil rights." Newton then says " if they didn't stand up for EVERYONE, who would stand up for you?". Then Chris Wage, who is doesn't hide his disdain for religion, threw in his two cents with this comment, "They are representing people and their rights against authority."

Okay, would somebody, anybody please tell me how a Menorah, or a Christmas tree infringes upon your rights? Does a Menorah display in Nashville establish Judaism as the state religion of Tennessee? Is it infringing upon your freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press. Which is it? Please let me know.

Are you people so blind that you can't even see how intolerant you are? Please, please, please show me where in the Constitution it mentions freedom FROM religion. Please show me where it says that a court is supposed to make sure that you don't ever have to feel uncomfortable?

Is it any wonder that the ACLU is on a mission against religion? After all, they were founded by a Soviet sympathizing socialist.


The Monetary Costs of The Death Penalty

The other day I stated that while I did not oppose the death penalty, I still thought we should do away with it. Of course each state is sovereign and able to make their own laws, but according to this well sourced website, the average cost per state to execute somebody is three times the cost of sending them to prison for life. Is it really worth the millions that it costs to kill somebody? Was this SOB really worth the millions that it took to execute him? Apparently majority of Californians think so.

I just don't understand the idea that death is worse than life in prison. For me, there would be nothing worse than to live a long life without being free.