Time In A Bottle

One of my hobbies is to go to YouTube and watch old music video clips. For some reason this morning, my late father was on my mind. He used to love Simon and Garfunkle, so I sat there this morning and watched a couple of old Simon and Garfunkle clips and remembered my dad. Then I remembered how we used to listen to Jim Croce's song "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". So naturally, I did a Jim Croce search. While doing so, I came across an old video of the song "Time in a Bottle". The video of Croce spending time with his wife and his son, coupled with the beautiful music and lyrics, really hit me hard.

Like the young child in that video, my father also died when I was young. Losing my dad at ten years old was a pain that words can not explain. Any description that I could give you would be an understatement. It was the most profound moment in my life. It has been 27 years and I still hurt, even today.

When I pray, I don't ask God for much. I mostly ask for Him to give me the strength to accept His will and remind me of Romans 8:28. The one thing I do ask for though is that I live long enough to be a father to my son and a husband to my wife. I just want to be there when my son has questions that only a father can answer. I want him to grow up seeing me show his mother the love and respect she deserves. Every boy needs a daddy around. Single mothers are awesome. They work hard and do the best they can, but having a good daddy around is priceless.

The lyrics to "Time in a Bottle" really apply to the way I feel about my family. I really do cherish every moment and at the end of the day, I wish that we could have had more time together. Time is precious, much more so than any material possessions. I don't feel sympathy for people that don't have a lot of money, nor do I envy those who do have material wealth. What I do have compassion for though, is the husband or wife who loses their spouse, or the child who will never really know his father. I have compassion for abused children, raped and battered women. Wealth is not money and poverty is not a lack of money. Have you ever seen a rich person weep over the casket of a loved one? Have you ever seen a poor man play in the park with his child? Would not the rich person crying over that casket, give everything away for just a little more time to be with the person they love?

It is good to work hard and to enjoy our wealth, but we should always make time for the ones we love, because when it is all over, time is the one thing we will wish we had more of.
Please take the time to watch this video clip.


More From the Theocratic Left

Earlier this week, Hillary and Obama, both United States Senators, made political speeches in front of church congregations. Now we have John Edwards, no relation to Puritan preacher Johnathan Edwards, claiming that Jesus would be appalled at how our government has failed to redistribute wealth to it's poorest citizens. John Edwards, by the way, is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune using junk science to sue doctors that deliver babies.

Whenever laws are passed that infringe on their libertine value system, many on the left scream "theocracy". But oh how conveniently certain liberals bring up religion when discussing government expansion and wealth redistribution.

Religion is something to be practiced, not enforced. That not only goes for morality, but also benevolence.


Martians Deal With "Inconvenient Truth"

It turns out that the United States isn't the only planet getting warmer. Mars is also heating up. Yes, after a couple of centuries of the Martian industrial revolution and the fact that the average Martian won't give up their SUVs, Mars is experiencing catastrophic Martian-made global warming.
A few Martian scientists disagree with the idea of Martian-made global warming, blaming solar activity and citing simultaneous warming on earth, but most of those scientist have been found to receive money from the Martian oil industry. The more respected scientists have declared Martian-made global warming to be a consensus. The only thing to do now is to impose more taxes and restrict Martian economic growth. As Marvin the Martian put it, "It is time for the average Martian to deal with this 'inconvenient truth.'"

Tax Cut Myths Debunked

Terry Frank links to a Heritage Foundation release that uses facts, yes I said facts, to debunk tax cut myths. In a society, such as ours, where demagoguery, class envy, and class warfare rule the day, it is nice to see someone reference facts when discussing fiscal policy.

But you know, when it comes to economics, most liberals aren't interested in facts. They really aren't even interested in what they claim to be their goal, which is helping the little guy. Like I said in this post, if they were interested in raising more revenue for the purpose of having more money to spend on social programs, they would support tax cuts. The best way to "soak the rich", is to give them a tax cut. But many liberals aren't really interested in raising more revenue. Punishing the high achievers is much more important than helping the low achievers. In modern liberalism, the best way to make everybody equal is to make them equally miserable.