Martians Deal With "Inconvenient Truth"

It turns out that the United States isn't the only planet getting warmer. Mars is also heating up. Yes, after a couple of centuries of the Martian industrial revolution and the fact that the average Martian won't give up their SUVs, Mars is experiencing catastrophic Martian-made global warming.
A few Martian scientists disagree with the idea of Martian-made global warming, blaming solar activity and citing simultaneous warming on earth, but most of those scientist have been found to receive money from the Martian oil industry. The more respected scientists have declared Martian-made global warming to be a consensus. The only thing to do now is to impose more taxes and restrict Martian economic growth. As Marvin the Martian put it, "It is time for the average Martian to deal with this 'inconvenient truth.'"


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Hilarious write up! I love it!

I wonder who's CEO at MCOC (Martian Carbon Offsetting Company)?