More From the Theocratic Left

Earlier this week, Hillary and Obama, both United States Senators, made political speeches in front of church congregations. Now we have John Edwards, no relation to Puritan preacher Johnathan Edwards, claiming that Jesus would be appalled at how our government has failed to redistribute wealth to it's poorest citizens. John Edwards, by the way, is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune using junk science to sue doctors that deliver babies.

Whenever laws are passed that infringe on their libertine value system, many on the left scream "theocracy". But oh how conveniently certain liberals bring up religion when discussing government expansion and wealth redistribution.

Religion is something to be practiced, not enforced. That not only goes for morality, but also benevolence.


Jeff Proctor said...

If government forces wealth redistribution, it takes the Christian value out of it. If 90% of my income goes into the welfare system, by force, I'm not fully meeting the mandate God has put before me.

Yes, the poor will eat, but God's commands clearly call for sacrifice. You really can't call it a sacrifice when you have no choice in the matter. I think that's called extortion.

Glen Dean said...

I agree Jeff. The welfare system has created a mentality that causes people to expect the government to take care of everything. Jesus spoke to the individual and he allowed the individual to choose whether or not he wanted to follow his commandments.

Jeff Proctor said...

I honestly think the idea that welfare is the Christian thing to do is just a lame attempt by the Left to do what the Right did with social/moral issues.

I sincerely hope that the people at the top of the Democratic Party are smart enough to know better. I've been around plenty of Republicans who know that the moral thing is a ploy to get votes, so I hope it goes both ways.

The sad thing is that there are many faithful people on both sides, and they usually aren't the ones shouting from the rooftops about legalizing morality (either social or welfare issues.) These ideas need to be brought to the forefront.

Glen Dean said...

It's all populism. They may come from different sides of the aisle, but they are the same type of people, people that want to get elected.