Tax Cut Myths Debunked

Terry Frank links to a Heritage Foundation release that uses facts, yes I said facts, to debunk tax cut myths. In a society, such as ours, where demagoguery, class envy, and class warfare rule the day, it is nice to see someone reference facts when discussing fiscal policy.

But you know, when it comes to economics, most liberals aren't interested in facts. They really aren't even interested in what they claim to be their goal, which is helping the little guy. Like I said in this post, if they were interested in raising more revenue for the purpose of having more money to spend on social programs, they would support tax cuts. The best way to "soak the rich", is to give them a tax cut. But many liberals aren't really interested in raising more revenue. Punishing the high achievers is much more important than helping the low achievers. In modern liberalism, the best way to make everybody equal is to make them equally miserable.

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